Come and join our RoboClub, meeting weekly on Thursday nights during school term!

We are located in Pendle Hill.

RoboClub extends student's robotics skills beyond the introductory level, building skills towards the level required to compete in FIRST Lego League. Participation in the FIRST Lego League competition is not a pre-requisite for participation in RoboClub.

Our RoboCamps provide the foundational knowledge for participating in RoboClub.

Please use the Contact Us page to inquire about joining our RoboClub program.


RoboClub meets for 2 hours per week to practise robot skills. The fundamental robot skills are built up from the RoboCamp level by studying materials produced by other FLL teams in previous years, and practising problem solving skills with the challenge kits from previous years. We also work on other challenges from time to time.

Our RoboClub is a pre-cursor to FIRST Lego League. We entered a team in FLL 2016 for "Animal Allies".

What we did in 2016 Semester 2

A very small group of dedicated students and parents met during second semester. We focussed on the FIRST Lego League challenge from 2011 called "Food Factor".