• Our 2017 Team called themselves "Robotic Innovators".
  • Our 2016 Team called themselves "Fins, Feathers and Fur", to fit in with the 2016 challenge "Animal Allies".

We are located in the Parramatta area of Western Sydney.

Robot Obedience School provides an open-ended, supportive and encouraging learning environment where children explore challenges in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Team members are encouraged to develop their innovation skills.

Team members will be challenged to solve a science problem in a research project, as well as solve robotics problems. Teamwork is a vital ingredient, supporting the project and robotics problems. Every member must be a team player.

At the end of the season, teams attend a tournament to put their skills to the test, going up against other teams. We always take a positive attitude and focus on taking on the challenges, not so much on the other teams. Everyone encourages one-another and spurs each-other on to do better!

We also work hard on communication skills, to be able to communicate our work very clearly to the judges at the competition.

Mentors and coaches inspire students and provide guidance on problems, but the responsibility for solving the challenges rests with the students. Mentors and coaches take a hands-off approach in the Robotic Innovators program.

The challenge season runs from August through December. A new challenge is released every year.

Tournaments are transformational in the lives of children who attend them. Tournaments include opportunities to hear from professional engineers who have designed products, built infrastructure, and created technology that improves the lives of millions of people around the world. They inspire children to think big and aim high.

More than just Robots

The Robotic Innovators program covers far more than just robotics. Students are not spoon-fed the answers. Instead, they are permitted to discover the answers for themselves. They learn from their mistakes, which is crucial to any successful process. Coaches do not belittle students by telling them "that will never work". Instead, coaches ask a lot of questions, encouraging students to try things out quickly to determine if they can work or not. Sometimes the craziest ideas win the tournament!

This process of encouragement and experimentation builds confidence and resilience in the next generation. Students stop always trying to please the teacher, and find the courage to try out their crazy ideas. We need more of these crazy ideas, and people with enough courage to push them forwards and make great ideas a reality!


If you are keen to challenge yourself, and want to participate in the Robotic Innovators challenge, Robot Obedience School has a complete program to help you!

  • RoboCamp
    • Learn the basics of programming from the ground up.
    • Try out some building challenges.
    • Runs during school holidays.
    • No further commitment
  • RoboClub
    • Builds on skills from RoboCamp.
    • Reinforce building and programming skills with theory and fun practical exercises.
    • Practise FLL using challenge kits from previous years.
    • Meets weekly during school term Feb-Aug.
    • Supports FLL, but no commitment required.
  • Robotic Innovators Schedule:
    • Requires attendance at RoboClub first.
    • Beginning of the year: challenge theme announced
    • Commitment date: end July
    • Background research on the challenge topic, to prepare for the project.
    • August: Challenge Released
    • Team will meet 2-3 times per week for 3 months to prepare
    • Project work will be required outside meeting times
    • November/December - Tournaments
    • Also possibility for exhibition matches and meeting with other teams to share experiences.

Choosing to join our Robotic Innovators team will require a significant commitment from the child and their family. The benefits for your child are enormous as they grow in confidence and ability through the Robotic Innovators program.

Please contact us for further information. We would love to explain our Robotic Innovators program to you, and show you what its all about.